logo2-1.gif (2586 bytes)Jumbler Reading Game (Java Applet)

The Jumbler Applet allows you to reorder a text interactively on your computer. First read the instructions below.

1. The text appears in an edit window. The sentences have been jumbled up in a different order from the original.
2. First reorder the text in the edit window. You can freely edit this window, use the copy / paste functions to reorder the text in its original form. (Highlight text by dragging the mouse, Ctrl/C = copy, Ctrl/V = paste). Make any notes or insert numbers as you want - this will not be removed and will help you. Take as long as you want to do this.
3. When you are ready to try the test select the time and speed that you want and click Start. Bonus points are given if you choose the more difficult options.
4. When the game starts, each sentence is flashed in the top window, select the sentences in order starting from the first by pressing the Trap button.
Select from the texts below
Text Level
The old woman who lived in a shoe Easy
King Mongkut Medium
Mongkut the monk Medium
The guitar Medium
General Douglas MacArthur (1) Medium
General Douglas MacArthur (2) Medium
Racism Very Difficult

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