What is Academic Writer?

Academic Writer is a self-access writing resource which offers numerous quizzes, examples and explanations of the features of good academic writing. The quizzes allow you to 'play with the subject matter' - giving you hands on practice in constructing academic texts.
Who is it aimed at?
It is designed to help students write academic papers at university or upper secondary school levels.
How can I best use Academic Writer?
You can start by working through the quizzes. If you find these difficult, you might like to go to the Index, and look at the examples and explanations in the area which most interests you.
Process or product?
Academic writer gives you plenty of practice in the process of constructing text. It does not however guide you through the complete writing process (from 'discovery of your topic', to final edit). Your teacher will typically take you through this process. If however you need this sort of guidance, plenty of sites on the web can help you, for example the On-Line Writing Lab at Purdue:  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owls/index.htm

We are constantly upgrading Academic Writer and value your feedback. Please contact us on: eceric@polyu.edu.hk
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