XWord Interactive Crossword Puzzles

With XWord Interactive Crossword Puzzles you can either do a puzzle interactively on your computer or else you can select a puzzle to print it out for use later or as a worksheet with students. The easiest way to run a puzzle is with the XWord Crossword Applet. You can also use the Puzzle Generator to make and print your own puzzles.

(1) Run a puzzle

(Java Applet version)

(2) Run a puzzle (non-Java version)

Select the puzzle from the list:

(3) Print a puzzle

Select a puzzle to print. You can print the puzzle separately with answers and without.

Select the puzzle you want to print:
without answers with answers

Type a caption for the puzzle (optional)

(4) Xword Puzzle Generator

You can generate a puzzle from a word list. You can then print the puzzle separately with answers and without.

Xword puzzle generator

(5) Xword download files

You can download the Xword for Windows version of this program, including the editor used to make the puzzles. You can also download the Xword Applet zip file.

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