XWord Interactive Crossword Puzzles (Java Applet)

The Xword Crossword Applet is the simplest way do a puzzle interactively on your computer. Just type the letters directly into the matrix. Click the mouse anywhere you want to type a letter, and the square will get the focus. If you type the correct letter, the color shows black otherwise it appears as red. The square which has the focus appears in green, and the squares which make up the following letters in the word appear as yellow. When you type a letter the focus shifts to the next letter in the word. Use the following key functions to do the puzzle:

Spacebar - toggles the UP or DOWN direction
Enter - cheat by inserting the letter in the square which has the focus (-1 penalty point)
Tab - move to the next word in the puzzle
Backspace - erases the letter in the square which has the focus
Arrow keys - move the focus to the next square right, left, up or down

Select from the puzzles below
Puzzle Level
Phrasal verbs Difficult
Pop Quiz Medium
History puzzle Medium
Technology & machines Easy
Earth puzzle Easy
Idioms puzzle Quite difficult
The body puzzle Quite difficult
Seas & oceans Quite difficult
Hard puzzle Very difficult
Plants puzzle Medium
Baby puzzle Baby level

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