Interesting articles to read

Improving your English through reading

We try to encourage students to read English by providing articles which are interesting as well as useful to study. For this reason be sure to check out the articles we have placed in our South China Morning Post ESL Corner

1. The South China Morning Post ESL Corner.

The South China Morning Post is a valuable source of articles, and we try to make it easier to read them by providing explicit help with vocabulary, and any difficult words which you might not know have been highlighted and linked to the Lexicon. The exercises are mostly mutlple choice vocabulary gap fills, grammar based gap fills or multple choice comprehension questions. Some texts are also done as Proof Reading exercises.

Before reading the texts be sure to study any vocabulary items listed at the top, and check their entries in the Lexicon. To select the missing words choose from the items listed in the drop down combo boxes as in the example below.

A vocabulary exercise

As with many other VLC exercises, the Vocabulary window appears at the bottom of the frame. This allows you look up words in the Lexicon by typing in the edit box, or else you can double-click on a word in the text, copy it and then paste it into the edit box.

The Vocabulary window

Multiple choice questions may also appear in a smaller window at the foot of the frame, as in the next example. The highlighted phrase is linked to a bookmark in the main text window. Mouse-clicking on the link will display the bookmark reference at the top of the text window.

The Questions windows

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